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Dish Extra Tempting With Black Olives

Green olive are picked before they are ripened, whereas black olive are picked when to ripen fully. Later, black olives are dipped in an iron solution to stabilize its color or may be treated with a milk solution of sodium hydroxide and subsequently washed thoroughly in water to remove oleuropein, a naturally bitter carbohydrate. The shape of an olive may vary from round to oblong, and they are accompanied by sweet fleshy layer outside and a small seed inside. The procedure for harvesting olives is a slow one and begins when they start turning greenish-purple in color. Naturally bitter in taste, they are one of the favorite ingredients of many Italian cuisines. Restored with cardiovascular benefits, triggers healthy weight loss, helps in cancer prevention, a secret for glowing skin and hair, olives are packed with a wide variety of properties.

Many seasoned olive aficionados are always on a lookout for superior to large size olives to cook a variety of dishes. Some eat them raw, some like them cooked. Black olives differ largely in their taste as they are processed, cured, and preserved differently unlike green olives. The two differ largely in their taste and use. On one side you have green olives which are often used as stand-up snacks, and on the other hand, you have black olives which are more prominently used in cooking pizzas and salads.

The thing about olives is that they are versatile and pair amazingly well with martinis, wine, and of course, cheese! Other than Italian, you can use them in Greek, Mexican, and even Chinese cuisines. Olives can be blended with spices to form dips, or chopped finely to adorn salads and pizzas. So, if you love pairing black olives in your dishes, look for canned ones. These canned black or green olives are best preserved and fresh to eat. You can now buy canned olive packs online at most affordable prices.