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Food Dehydration


First and foremost, you should explore the health benefits of drying your foods. Recent studies have revealed that cooking foods in other manners can actually remove the food’s nutrients. These are precious nutrients that your body needs and craves! By making the switch to a food dehydrator, you can prevent this from happening. Drying out your foods actually allows them to maintain these nutrients, so they’ll be much better for you.


When using a food dehydrator, the food will not only be dried, but it will also shrink to some degree. This might not seem like a major benefit, but it can be for many individuals. When you’ve shrunken the food, you’ll be able to store it away much easier. A massive pound of meat will be made much smaller and it can then be stored away in bags and jars, without so much difficulty.

Enhanced Longevity

One of the biggest problems associated with various foods is the fact that they cannot maintain their freshness for a lengthy period of time. If the food is left out in the open, it’ll spoil very quickly. A refrigerator can preserve the food for a period, but a dehydrator is even better in this regard. When using a food dehydrator, it is possible to take meat, which would normally spoil in less than a week, and make it maintain its freshness for up to a year! The difference is substantial and it is even possible to enhance the food’s longevity with proper storage. Using a vacuum sealer can also help.