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Tricks Cook Bison Short Ribs

One of the most popular cooking methods for short ribs is braising, and many of the recipes you find are likely to be for braised ribs. This involves baking the ribs at a low temperature over a long period of time. While many cooks feel braising results in a more succulent meat, you can also get great results from fixing short ribs on the grill or in a slow cooker. In fact, some experts believe that short ribs are the best cut of meat for preparing on the grill. Grilling may also be the preferred cooking method during hot summer months when having the oven on for hours is not a pleasant thought.

Use enough heat to melt the fat without having a large, open flame that will deplete the fat of the rib before it is done. Your goal should be to get them brown and crusty on the outside, and done all the way through to the center. You may prefer to season the meat with only salt and pepper, or use a marinade to add exotic flavor. Whatever you like on your steaks will probably be your preference when preparing buffalo steak or short ribs, as well.

Another good way to cook short ribs that is similar to braising is in a slow cooker. Some people prefer this method simply because it allows them to let the meat cook while they are away from home, and they don’t have to heat up the entire house. To use the slow cooker method, apply a rub made of instant coffee, salt, and pepper to the meat. Brown the ribs in olive oil before placing in the slow cooker. For meat that is even more tender, cook it in beer. The acid in the beer is a great tenderizer.

As an increasing number of people are realizing the healthy benefits of eating bison, more recipes are being created to help get the best flavor and versatility from all cuts of the meat. There is a wealth of bison short rib recipes online that can be found using a simple search. Once you have found where to buy bison meat online, check out the recipes on that website that are meant to perfectly complement the meat cuts they offer. Short ribs are virtually impossible to overcook but moisture must always be preserved while cooking. So, choose a recipe that includes only ingredients that you like, and you can count on a delicious meat that is also better for you!